Fearless Pug Shows EVERYONE Who Is Boss!

Here’s proof that Pugs are not afraid of ANYONE or ANYTHING and will show EVERYONE who is boss!

This fearless little Pug wandering the street tries to pick a fight with police dog outside Phoenix barricade as the police were working to negotiate with an armed robbery suspect barricaded in his Phoenix home!

Police had to chase away the pug after the dog picked a fight with their K-9. What can we say… it's the PUG LIFE

(Actually, as most if not all pug owners know, this pug just wanted to play, not fight, with the police dogs. (Most) pugs are lovers, not fighters.. 🙂 )

Anyhoo, watch the fearless pug start a fight with the police canine during a 4-hour standoff on the next page:

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