Watch What Happens When You Show a K9 Officer a Jack In The Box

A K9 Officer named Ammo recently found viral fame when a video of his handler showing him how a jack in the box toy worked was posted to Instagram.

Ammo, a Belgian Malinois and German shepherd cross who was born in Hungary, has been with the Redondo Beach K9 unit since he was just 18 months old; he turns four this year.

Ammo can open the car door himself

Ammo and his handler Kyle Lofstrom patrol 4 days a week and train together one day a week. One trick they’ve mastered is Ammo opening his own door. Additionally, the pair work on advanced obedience, scent detection, searching, alerting, and arrest procedures.

Ammo’s tongue out Tuesday

Of their partnership, Officer Lofstrom recently told South Bay “We are a perfect match. Ammo is high-energy and has a good sense of humor. He is very young, and we will continue to work together as long as we both remain healthy. And when it is time for him to retire, I will buy him from the city and he will spend the rest of his life with me.”

Hat tip: South Bay

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