10 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew About Him

Dogs give so much to us and they expect so little in return. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around, but if dogs could talk they’d want you to know what’s wrong and what’s right.

Since social media allows people to share false information, myths about dogs make their rounds like wildfire.

Here are 10 things your dog wishes you knew:

1) I don’t like to be by myself for long periods of time. I like when you spend time with me and we get to hang out, play, cuddle, and bond.

Source: Bruno/Flickr


2) Sometimes I can’t tell you when I feel sick, so I count on you to take me to the veterinarian. Look for signs that I’m not feeling well like changes in my eating habits, energy level, or overall demeanor.

Source: Chad Scarborough/Flickr


3) I don’t remember the same as you do. If I peed on the floor but you notice it a few hours later, I have no idea why you are upset with me. Please be patient with me, especially when it comes to correcting my mistakes.

Source: Jody Trappe/Flickr


4) I’m not a wolf. I share genetics with wolves, but I’m domesticated and wolves are not. Wolves belong outside, living in the wild. I belong inside your home.

Source: Ian Dyer/Flickr


5) I don’t (usually) hate the mail carrier. I see or hear a stranger approaching my home and I am trying to protect and alert you.

Source: Ann Miller/Flickr


6) Don’t assume I don’t like cats. In fact, I may love them! Proper introduction and socialization are key. Introduce us slowly and we may just be best friends.

Source: Lady Kanna/Flickr


7) You can teach an old dog new tricks. Don’t believe what some folks say. I love to learn if you teach me slowly, consistently, and with love.

Source: Meg Price/Flickr


8) I can see some things in color, but only certain ones. I don’t see as wide of a spectrum as you do. However, I am not color blind.

Source: doncostley/Flickr


9) I may eat weird things because I am probably bored. Sometimes dogs eat strange objects like rocks or socks. Be sure to exercise me and keep my mind active. I’m less likely to get into trouble.

Source: sfgirlbybay/Flickr


10) I don’t feel guilt or revenge. Humans have these qualities, but dogs do not. Keep on loving me and sharing a happy life together with me.

Source: ares4/Flickr

Feature photo: AlexandertheGreat32/Flickr

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