19 Reasons Corgis Are Actually The Worst Dogs To Live With

Foxy face, stubby legs, and bunny butt, cute little cylindrical fur logs with the big ears… I mean, who can resist a Corgi’s cuteness? They are as adorable as dogs can be.

Corgis are known for being affectionate, alert, cheerful, friendly, independent, intelligent, lively, loving, loyal, out-going, playful, protective, and social.

They are loyal to their human and can get along with other animals. They also tend to be very vocal and for this reason make great alarm dogs.

While Corgis have become one of the most beloved dog breeds today, there are reasons to believe that Corgis are actually the worst dog breed to live with… EVER!

Check out the 19 reasons why Corgis are actually the worst dogs to live with below…

1. They hate to cuddle.

corgi cuddle Source

2. They have menacing eyes.

corgi eyes watch

3. Totally evil.

beautiful corgi eyes photo Source

4. Just look at them!

staring corgi pics

5. They hate napping.

corgi napping

6. They take your stuff without asking.

funny corgi hoodie

7. Faking it. Whatever.

funny corgi lying photo

8. Give it back, dude.

cute corgi ball photo

9. Let’s not talk about the damage they do to your personal items.

funny corgi dog mess

10. They ruin all of your happy moments.

cute corgi stick

11. What are they doing in your car?

corgis in car

12. They have a begging face that really NO ONE can resist.

begging corgi photo

13. They ALSO know the importance of playtime.

playful corgi photo ball

14. That means you can’t take them outside.

happy eyes face corgi photo

15. No more strolls in the park for you.

corgi park photo puppies

16. They won’t ever love you.

love corgi photo face

17. Worst of all, they’re ugly.

cute puppy corgi photo

18. Really, really ugly.

beautiful corgi photo winter

19. Now who’d love a dog like this?

winter photo pics corgi dog


Are you convinced now that living with Corgis may be the worst idea and need to be avoided by all cost? 🙂

Hmm… not convinced? Then maybe… just maybe… you might be a CRAZY Corgi person!!

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corgi puppies 2

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