Try not to laugh at these 31 hysterical dog snapchats. It’s nearly impossible!

Dogs do the quirkiest things. Sometimes they decide to stick their head into a pool of mud and slowly roll around right after being given an hour long bath or they’ll make a giant tornado of a mess on your living room floor due to their curious mentality.

We doubt that they try to be funny, they just are. Those adorable furry faces help add to the comedic moments. The goofy and carefree personalities of dogs often gets them into hilarious scenarios that MUST be recorded by their humans via Snapchat.

Here are 31 hysterical dog snapchat moments captured and described by the dog owners below!

#1 Big dogs like Heisenberg don’t care about strength and size. They just want all the love!


#2 Curiosity can get dogs into a troubled tangled mess, but more often than not, the outcome of their actions just make us laugh really hard.


#3 We introduce to you the most perfect and complete dog. They’ll give you lots of love, laughs, snuggles and wine.


#4 Oh herro there!


#5 Corgis were not made to squeeze through any small places, but they were made to be cooed over and loved!


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