7 Unique, Strange and Luxurious Dog Houses That Make You Go Hmmmm…

Here are some of the most unique, strange and luxurious dog houses that make you go hmmmm… which was compiled by the peeps at The Pets Central. Check them out below!

Are you a pet lover? Want to provide best house for your pet dogs? Before shopping for a new dog house, look at these comfortable and stylish dog houses for your pets.

1. Zen Haus Dog Crate

The Zen Haus Dog Crate, a new DenHaus design, is one of the most modern options for you and your dog to live in comfort and style.

These dog houses blend in with your furniture, no matter what your style is.

No one would know the side table beside your bed or couch is actually a dog house! 

Not only will your dog of any size love his new home, but you no longer need to find a place to hide that unsightly metal cage!

The new Zen Haus Dog Crate offers stylish furniture for you and a comfy home for your pet.

Not only will your dog be happy, but DenHaus offers a variety of styles and colors that are the perfect accent to any furniture style.


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