7 Strange Things That Animals Do During The Eclipse

We’ve all heard about the upcoming solar eclipse and while we’ve made our preparations already, animals do not always have the benefit of foresight in these instances. Read on to learn more about the strange reactions that animals can have in these instances.

Cows do not remain present when these eclipses take place and the animals will typically take cover. It does not matter what time of day that the eclipse occurs, a cow usually chooses to remain safe inside of the barn and does not care what they are potentially missing out on.

Birds are known for their hyperactive behavior just before the eclipse takes place and once the eclipse arrives, they tend to go completely silent. Even if the bird happens to be in search of prey before the eclipse takes place, they will halt their movements for the duration.

According to those who have had the chance to observe giraffes in action when an eclipse happens, these animals take off running. When the sun disappears, these animals become very nervous and they sprint away from their grazing areas. Once the sun comes back, the giraffes return.

Most of us aren’t about to schedule a scuba diving trip when an eclipse is taking place and if we did, we would definitely notice the difference in the fishes’ swimming patterns. The nocturnal fish in the group will become far more hyperactive and the others use the opportunity to go into hiding.

If you are wondering about the activities of your pup during an eclipse, do not worry too much about them. The behavior of a dog during an eclipse is often comparable to their behavior when a storm takes place. They become much more edgy and in many cases, they will believe that is their job to keep you protected once the eclipse has arrived.

Ants that are on the march during an eclipse cease their movements once the sun goes away. The ants remain in place during the dark period and once the sun returns to the sky, they take this as their cue to get back on their merry way.

Chimps are not about to put on eclipse glasses and join their human counterparts in staring at the sky. They do them one better and climb as high as possible in order to get the best view possible. They also position their bodies in the direction of the eclipse.

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