84 Dogs Soaked In Urine & Feces Were Rescued From Wire Cages At Puppy Mill

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals was alerted to a situation, where 84 dogs were living in horrible conditions at a puppy mill in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma.

OAA, along with the Sheriff’s Office and Tulsa SPCA, worked together to save the dogs, who were in extremely critical condition.

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals/Facebook

These dogs have spent their lives in cages, living in their own filth, and having never felt grass beneath their feet.

The majority of them lived on cage bars with no solid surface beneath their feet, which was extremely painful.

They were only used to breed and make quick cash, and were never given proper food, water, or medical care.

They are malnourished, emaciated, matted, and soaked and caked in urine and feces. Many of them have little to no teeth.

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals/Facebook

The dogs were immediately taken to the animal hospital to treat all of their ailments. Sadly, two of the dogs were in such bad shape that they ended up passing way.

Kind-hearted groomers offered their services and spent hours bathing and shaving most of the matted dogs.

They transformed the extremely scared and filthy dogs into the beautiful pups they always were.

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals/Facebook

Upon grooming one of the dogs, they made a shocking discovery. Hidden inside two inches of solid matted fur were live maggots.

They also learned that this dog had two deformed back legs with no feet or paws. Luckily, he is eating well and getting around just fine.

All of the dogs will continue to receive ’round the clock vet care and will eventually be put up for adoption once they are ready.

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H/T ABC 8 Tulsa.

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This is one of a few of the puppy mill survivors with severe leg deformities that was used to continuously breed so they could sell more puppies. He has a small nub for a front arm, and his back leg is twisted up behind his body. Yet, despite his challenges, he perseveres. We’ve got you now, buddy. www.animalallianceok.org/donate

Posted by Oklahoma Alliance for Animals on Saturday, July 18, 2020

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