After 6-Months Of No Eye Contact, Dad Figured Out Adopted Dog’s ‘True Passion’

Dogs from abused homes often end up being complicated adoption cases. Blaine, an adventure-loving dad, had adopted an abused pet, Penni, just when she was next in line to be put down. But the shy and anxious Penni never warmed up to him.

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For 6 months, Penni made no eye-contact with Dad. She refused to go on walks and seemed to be scared of everything. Her past, which was spent in an abusive drug-house basement, had taken a toll on her and she would always curl up in the corner, looking gloomy.

Penni’s life took a turn for the better, however, when Dad moved from New Jersey to Las Vegas. He started taking Penni on hikes and that proved to be a beacon of light she needed. Slowly, she came out of her shell and finally embraced the passionate spirit inside her.


Today, Dad and Penni have found the perfect adventure partners in each other. Hiking has renewed Penni’s passion for life. She has embarked on many adventures around Nevada, California, Utah and Arizona, growing more confident each day!


Dad believes that it is every dog owner’s responsibility to integrate the dog fully into the family. He knows that Penni is the happiest when she is outside, and he wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world!

Click the video below to watch Blaine and Penni’s epic hikes!

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Posted by The Dodo on Sunday, September 3, 2017

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