Young Brazilian artist transforms old discarded tires into comfy beds for stray pets

A young Brazilian craftsman aims to help reduce the problem

Source: Instagram/Amarildo Silva

Amarildo Silva, with his good heart and creativity, is repurposing tires to make sure they don’t end up causing problems to the environment. He’s turning them into decorated beds for pets and so much more.

Two years ago, Amarildo was just looking for ways to earn extra income. He made money by using other people’s trash. He would make handicrafts using the materials other people no longer use.

Realizing how stray dogs are able to live with old tires, he came up with the idea to create something that would make animals’ lives more comfortable.

He started collecting old tires and turned them into cute beds for pets

Source: Instagram/Amarildo Silva

Amarildo would go through streets to look for old tires. He would take them home and store them in his own backyard. Eventually, he started storing them in one of his rooms.

The process is quite easy for a skilled person like him. First, he separates the tires. He cuts them before washing and painting them. Then, he’ll create a custom design for each tire. He writes down the name of the animal who’ll own the bed.

The custom beds are super adorable

Source: Instagram/Amarildo Silva

And the best part is that they can accommodate almost anyone. From big dogs to kittens, Amarildo is able to create a unique bed for every pet.

Source: Instagram/Amarildo Silva

Source: Instagram/Amarildo Silva

He also makes really beautiful containers for plants

Amarildo doesn’t stop in making animal beds out of old tires. He repurposes them into plant containers, too. He’s able to make Christmas decorations out of them as well.

Source: Instagram/Amarildo Silva

After gaining more insights into the negative effects of throwing out old tires, he decided that he wanted to do more. So, he started making sustainable yet smart furniture. He’s also using his collection of old tires to make colorful but durable garbage containers.

The containers are painted with specific colors that would match the type of garbage they’ll hold. And to reduce confusion, he even puts a clear label on them. His creations make it so much easier for passersby to segregate their trash.

Source: Instagram/Amarildo Silva

During the whole time Amarildo is working with tires, he’s able to turn 1,500 tires into animal beds. And if you consider all the other things he can make tires, he’s able to keep 6,000 units from ending up in the trash.

Source: Instagram/Amarildo Silva

That number is such a big help to the environment. Old tires have a long list of negative effects on the environment.

They increase fire risk and they can serve as breeding grounds for pests and mosquitoes. In addition to that, old and unused tires can also overcrowd landfills as they take up such a huge chunk of space.

They can also cause chemicals and heavy metals to leach into the environment as they begin to disintegrate. Majority of those chemicals are carcinogenic and mutagenic. They can also contaminate the soil which can harm plants, animals, and humans.

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