Baby Scared Of Vacuum Runs To Dog For Protection

Loud, screeching noises of vacuum cleaners, blenders and/or hair dryers can be scary to toddlers.

They probably imagine it being some kind of evil robot or monster growling at them!


In this adorable clip, an 11-month-old little girl encounters the monster growling at her furiously when dad turns on the vacuum cleaner!

She's in complete panic mode, and desperately looks for a hero to protect her – and finds her trusted family Husky!

As soon as she locates her protector quietly and calmly sitting in the corner, she quickly walks to him and hugs him tightly, burying her face in his fur for protection.


The Husky stands tall and lets his human sibling to hug him without any fuss (although the truth maybe that the husky is just as scared of the vacuum, but he's being brave for his little human).

The hug calms the girl down and she finally raises her head with a smile. Yey!

Having a dog as a family member while growing up can be terrific. This sweet clip showcasing the heartwarming bond between the baby and her Husky is just another proof!

Check out the video below to watch the sweet moment when baby runs to her favorite protector!

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