Wrapped Up Baby Laid Outside Bank Cold And Hungry & No One Stopped For Him

Anyone who leaves a helpless animal on their own is heartless. To do so to a puppy, that cannot fend for himself, makes our blood boil.

For this tiny soul that was left in front of a bank, he needed a kind human to step up and help.

The little guy was curled up beneath a blanket, lying on a cardboard box. He was cold and exhausted.

Source: STRAY PAWS/Youtube

Thankfully, someone saw the pup before it was too late. He was lethargic from being exposed to the elements and going way too long without a meal. The baby was taken straight to the vet where the Good Samaritan named him Lery.

Source: STRAY PAWS/Youtube

The medical staff warmed him up and gave him a proper meal. After some rest, he perked up! His tail wagged happily as he gave his new friend lots of kisses. But then it was time for Lery to rest again. Every one made sure he was comfy in his new kennel.

Source: STRAY PAWS/Youtube

Lery began to grow so fast! By the time he was three months old, and nice and healthy, the vet staff located a family where he’d fit in perfectly. The staff would miss Lery. But they knew he belonged in a loving home where he could blossom.

Source: STRAY PAWS/Youtube

Lery’s new family was thrilled to welcome him home. The pup is loved and. . .  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!

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