Dad Leaves Dog In Car Until He’s Caught On Camera Grabbing Dad’s Attention

We’ve all been there as kids, when our parents left us in the car for a few minutes when they need to do some quick shopping. And we all remember getting bored waiting in the car for our parents to return.

This Boxer is going through the exact same thing. His dad left him in the car to do some quick shopping. He even left the windows down so the Boxer would have good ventilation.

But what the dad didn’t expect is that this Boxer was running thin on patience. He was already bored of waiting in the car. So he did the funniest thing ever, and it was all recorded on camera by a bystander!

The bored Boxer got into the driver’s seat, sat like a human, and began pushing the horn with his paw. It’s hilarious how the bystander approaches the vehicle, and the Boxer has a deadpan expression as he stares into the camera while continuing to sound the horn!

Sure enough, this grabbed dad’s attention, who finished his shopping super quick and rushed back to calm down his dog. This is why Boxers are one of our favorite breeds! They’re just so cheeky, you can’t help but love them!

Check out the video below to watch this hilarious Boxer sounding the horn to call dad!

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