Bus Driver Breaks Rules To Save Two Stray Dogs

It’s not fun getting stuck outdoors when a thunderstorm is rolling. If you’re like most people, you would probably stay at home or take shelter inside a store to wait for it to pass.

Unfortunately for dogs who live on the streets, they really can’t do anything about it. They don’t really have a lot of options once the storm starts.

The best that they could do is to find cover near buildings or, if they are lucky, they can hide under some items humans throw out.

Two stray dogs were out of options when an enormous thunderstorm hit Buenos Aires.

With no place to go to, they were on the streets, enduring the cold as their fur coats got soaking wet. They were shivering and clearly unwell.

Thankfully, a bus driver spotted them.

Seeing the dogs shivering and drenched in really cold rainwater, he opened the doors to the bus and allowed the dogs to take shelter. He didn’t even think twice about what he should do. He just followed his instinct and let the dogs in.

Inside the bus, the dogs started drying themselves up.

At first, they weren’t too comfortable. They were scanning their environment, probably double-checking what had happened. After a while, they relaxed and warmed up inside the bus.

The local bus driver did the right thing.

However, in doing so, he broke one of the rules and regulations of his city. Dogs, just like other animals, aren’t allowed on buses in Buenos Aires.

Even though he broke the law, the passengers were fully supportive of his actions. They didn’t criticize or even scolded the driver for what he did.

Instead, they snapped several photos of the dogs and posted them on their own social media accounts. They were hoping and looking for ways to get someone to adopt the poor dogs.

The bus driver’s action caught the management’s attention, too. Although they were very clear in stressing out the implementation of their “no animals” policy, they showed great support for their driver’s act of kindness.

Dogs aren’t always able to take care of themselves. This is why they need their humans to feed, bathe, and walk them. They need their humans to keep them safe, too.

This is one good reason to stop buying dogs and consider adoption. You see, stray dogs aren’t always lucky enough to survive on the streets.

If they end up in shelters and these places happen to be full, the dogs only have about 72 hours to get adopted. That’s such a short time to find a forever home.

Now, if you happen to find a dog that’s drenched in rainwater or a dog that’s not feeling too well, open your home to him.

Even if you can’t really adopt him, make sure that he’s safe and warm while there’s a thunderstorm. It’s the least you can do for him.

It will also be a great help if you can take the dog to the proper authorities or even your local veterinarians.

These people can assess the dog for any problems as they work on finding a home for him. These actions can make a huge difference in the lives of stray dogs.

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