Dog Walks Into Police Station & Reports Himself Missing, Befriends Officers

The Odessa Police Department in Texas receives quite a bit of visitors throughout the week, but one morning last week, they had a visitor unlike ever before.

An adorable dog made his way into the police station and gently jumped up and put his paws on the front desk to ask for attention.

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The dog was by himself with no owner in sight, which led police to believe that the dog was missing and had wandered away from home. Or perhaps the pooch turned up at the station to report himself missing!

Sergeant Rusty Martin waste of the officers present when the dog came in, and said that the pup didn’t seem distressed about being lost whatsoever.

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While some officers searched for a potential owner, others gave the dog lots of love and attention. They even played catch in the lobby with a tennis ball.

The dog had a blast and surely brightened the officers’ day, but they knew that someone was worried sick looking for him.

They called animal control to check for a microchip, but the pup wound up sneaking out before they arrived. Luckily, the dog headed straight back home.

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The dog, whose name is Chico, lives just a mile from the station and knew exactly how to get back home.

His owners wound up calling the police station the next day to thank them for caring for him and to let them know that he got home safely.

Chico clearly loved visiting the police station; perhaps a K-9 position is in his future!

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