Cop Sees Retired K9 Dogs Living In Pure Misery, So He Builds Them A Cozy Home

In his 13 years of service in the Chinese police department, Officer Bai Yan has worked as the handler for many skilled police dogs.

He was under the impression that after retirement, the police dogs were set up in comfortable homes by the authorities.

But one day, he discovered the harsh truth about these selfless K9 dogs’ cruel fates.

Source: CGTN/YouTube

Bai Yan was reduced to tears when he found out that most of the retired dogs lived in starvation and neglect.

They were being mercilessly euthanized, without even being considered for forever homes.

He wasn’t able to endure this appalling betrayal toward his loyal work comrades, and decided to do something about it.

Bai Yan used a million Yuan ($150,000) from his own savings and built a retirement home for the dismissed police dogs.

He brought many sick and depressed kill-list senior police dogs under one roof, and gave them the true feeling of a home for the first time.

Due to his dedicated efforts, one of his dogs miraculously healed from cancer just when the vets had given up!

Source: CGTN/YouTube

Today, Bai Yan has also retired from police service, and spends most of his time tending to the dogs in his sanctuary.

He exercises them, keeps them fit and helps them live a dignified life.

After his story went viral, many organizations offered to fund him. But he graciously refused as he wanted to take care of his “family” all by himself.

What a noble hero!

Click the video below to watch how Bai Yan puts in great efforts to take care of the retired police dogs!

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