Corgi Puppy Eats Watermelon In The Cutest Way Pawsible!

Puppies are always cute, in my opinion, but there is just something about this sweet little Corgi that makes me want to scream! (In a good way!)

Those eyes! Those ears! That tiny gentle face! I’m in puppy heaven. Watching him enjoy something healthy and sweet is my daily treat. Let it be yours too!

Watermelon is a human food that is good for dogs to eat, and it has health benefits as well. There’s lots of good stuff in there like fiber and lycopene. And, like its name, it’s filled with hydrating goodness. YUM! Try cutting it up into bite sized cubes and putting it in the freezer. It makes a pawsome snack on a hot day or after a long walk.

If you love Corgis like I do, you will love this video too! It’s filled with adventure, and nature, and of course… CORGI CUTENESS! Take a break from your hectic day to attend Camp Corgi. You won’t regret it!

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