[Video] Dachshund Gets Dream Job As ‘Mattress Inspector’ And Fixes Bed For Dad

Dogs make life better in every single way. They make us laugh, cry and they sometimes make mistakes. Most importantly, they know how to have fun just like this magnificent little dachshund, Mr. Pepper.

When his dad says the mattress is too stiff, the wiener dog gets right on it by helping out the family breaking the mattress in.

Mr. Pepper the doxie with incredible abilities detects all problems with your bed and will give you recommendations on how to fix them.

Even better yet, he'll sometimes fix them for you all the while having way too much fun! He is very thorough and works fast too!

Once he starts, he simply can’t stop! Who knew a bed and a dachshund would be such a great mix? He runs around like a maniac, having a blast! What an efficient, happy mattress inspector he is!

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