Dad Secretly Records Dog Watching TV Then His Favorite Movie Comes On

Bolt is a popular Disney animated movie loved by kids and adults alike. It’s a comedy-adventure movie that features a dog, Bolt, as a canine action hero. A belgian malinois, Stryker, wants to be just like Bolt.

In fact, you might say he is a bit obsessed with the movie. That’s right: the dog watches the movie over and over. His dad finally captured his doggo’s hysterical reaction to the movie on home video.

A lot of dogs like to watch television. Some dogs will even watch for a few seconds or even a minute. Stryker is a different kind of dog. His dad says he is totally a movie junkie when Bolt comes on.

Stryker’s dad set up a hidden camera to watch him watch Bolt in action. What resulted is a viral video with almost two million views. Stryker goes bonkers. He jumps up at Bolt, then plays with a stuffed animal, watches it some more, and wags his tail over and over. Stryker wants to play with the small white animated dog on the screen!

He even follows the characters on the screen and appears to be following the plot line. We think Stryker is a superhero, too! See for yourself in the action-packed video below.

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