Guilty Dog Apologizes to Crying Baby After Taking Her Toy

They say it’s easy taking candy from a baby, but when Charlie the dog tried taking this baby’s toy, well, you can bet the baby, little Laura, cried about it. A lot. And loud. So Charlie went right to work fixing it.



Not only did Charlie return the toy he took, he also brought Laura some of his own toys, including his larger than life tennis ball, along with the family’s video game controller.



He didn’t stop there. This pup then proceeded to push the bin full of the baby’s other toys right over to her jumpy seat. Then, the talented pup took each toy out and added it to the pile of goodies he gifted the little gal. By the time he was done, you could barely spot Laura under all of the presents from the pup.



It’s easy to see Charlie needed to clear his conscience when it comes to his toy thievery. I’d say he succeeded.

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