Dogs Kiss Their Ailing Brother As They Say Their Final Goodbye

A man by the name of Rawtashk posted something so touching, sad, and beautiful about his dog on Reddit, that dog lovers around the globe are sharing their thoughts. The post involves the man’s three Belgian Malinois and a final act of love.

“Our old boy is getting put down today,” Rawtashk wrote. ” Somehow our other 2 seem to know, and they’ve been saying goodbye all morning.”

Source: Reddit/Rawtashk

He went on to say that their veterinarian made a special exception and came out to his house in order to perform a peaceful at-home euthanasia on the 11-year-old sick dog.

After the process was complete, Rawtashk shared another update.

Source: Reddit/Rawtashk

“Our other boy usually hangs out on the couch with us, or over on the dog bed by the front door so he can look outside,” he said. “But after the vet left he chose to lie down in the middle of the floor by the body of his friend.”

Sef’s body was cremated, and dog lovers around the globe posted their condolences, similar stories, and well wishes to the family.


What a beautiful, sad day in this family’s life. We extend our condolences, and we encourage you to love your pets every single day.

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