Authorities Issue Warning After Healthy Pooch Dies Of Heatstroke During Walk

A fit and healthy 5-year-old dog has reportedly died from heatstroke during a routine walk in northwest England. This happened while the dog was taken out for a walk at 9 AM in the morning, when it was just 70 degrees outside.


Source: xlibber/Wikimedia Commons


Since the dog’s death, RSPCA has been circulating warnings to pet parents about the high possibility of heatstroke causing irreversible damage to dogs, and in some cases, even death. Dog’s fragile bodies are not built to withstand high temperatures and humidity irrespective of their breed, coat-color, size or age.

Pet owners are asked to be aware and vigilant of the tell-tale signs of heatstroke like uncontrollable panting, vomiting, shaky gait, sticky gums, and a dark tongue. Any of these symptoms can prove to be fatal and calls for an immediate trip to the vet. Other interim measures would be to bring suffering pets into the shade and offer them water.


Source: lisa runnels/Public Domain


Since dogs are susceptible to even mild heat, pet owners are suggested to take precautions and schedule walks and exercises of their pets accordingly. We hope pet parents stay mindful towards the needs of their furry babies this summer, and keep them hydrated and protected at all times.

Check out the video below to watch this very informative video on the signs of heatstroke in dogs and the precautionary measures that can be taken to save them.

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