Dog That Failed Service Training Makes $1,000s With Artwork

After he was turned down for work as a service dog, a golden retriever Lab mix, Dagger, got an even better gig.

The dog was adopted by a Long Island, New York, family and became an artist known as DogVinci.

DogVinci's primary medium is abstract painting, and the soulful 6-year-old visits schools, libraries and community centers.

DogVinci's owner, Yyonne Dagger, says “he's got a wonderful personality, he's got a wonderful demeanor.”

Dagger has made hundreds of people happy. His message of learning, creating and helping others is what makes Dagger so special.

Dagger has painted over 550 paintings and donated over $100,000 to various people and animal related charities.

Dagger continues to amaze. His love and sweetness captures the hearts of everyone he meets.

Check out Dagger's amazing story and his positive message to the world in the video below!

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