The Story Of This Dog Attending Church Every Day On His Own And The Reason Why Is Simply Amazing

We are so blessed to have our loyal and faithful companion as our best friend and family member, and this story reminds us of that.

Many of us consider our dog to be just as much a part of the family as any human member. Our dog is there for us during times of need.

What better way to cure a bad day than to get a slobbery kiss from our dog?

Dogs are our inseparable friends in all our weal and woe. And it is a difficult phase of our life when we lose these friends.

But sometimes, it is the dog who loses us. But their loyalty even after our death is something really hard not to get emotional about.

Meet Tommy, a 7-year old German Shepherd who lost his owner. Then he started to attend the church each and every single day! The reason behind his behavior will make you cry…

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It made me so emotional… I just couldn’t help but hug my dogs after watching this video. Tommy the German shepherd is a living example of how deeply dogs can love us.

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