Her Nose Dipped Wearily Into The Water As She Took Her Final Breaths

A young dog who only knew a life filled with heartache lay in a sewage ditch.

When Animal Aid’s rescue team arrived, she lay helpless in only a foot of water– but to her, it could have been an ocean.

She was too weak to move so she was in the process of drowning.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

As Animal Aid writes, “Her nose dipped wearily into the water. Bubbles were emerging. If we had arrived even 5 minutes later, it’s possible she would have drowned.”

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

Thankfully, Animal Aid arrived when they did. They lifted her from the dirty water. They could see she had a fractured leg that was hanging on only by loose tissue.

It’s likely she had been hit by a car and was so confused by what had happened that she merely found the one spot where the cold water could ease the pain.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

The rescuers brought her back to the Animal Aid sanctuary. Her body was in shock and she was hypothermic. They were scared she wouldn’t make it.

Her pulse was weak. They administered fluids to help her. She had to have that leg amputated but she wasn’t strong enough for surgery.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

The medical team had to work on stabilizing her body to. . .   >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch Video!

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