Gentle giant of 130-pounds steps into a home for the very first time

He was surrendered by a breeder for unknown reasons..

For most dogs who were either abandoned, mistreated or surrendered to animal shelters, very often do they not have the luxury to live a fulfilling life like any house dog should.

For one 130-pound dog, he is now learning the ropes on how to live in a home with a human family – for the very first time despite his age.

Meet Cosmo, a 2 and a half-year-old Saint Bernard who had been surrendered to a local animal welfare organization and no-kill shelter named ‘Hearts United for Animals’, located all the way in Auburn, Nebraska.

The reasons why his breeder had decided to give him up were unknown, but Cosmo’s unhappiness did not last long. Soon enough, overjoyed staff had received a call from a family – they were asking about him and wanted to bring him back home with them!

A woman named Jayne and her husband had stumbled upon Cosmo’s picture online, and fell in love with him almost instantly – they cannot wait to meet him in person.

As Jayne’s family had shown that they were willing to open up both their home and their hearts to Cosmo, the staff were only too happy to arrange the adoption process.

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The good news even caused the shelter manager, Kristy, to tear up with joy and emotion as she personally introduced Jayne to Cosmo for the very first time.

Cosmo was not a big fan of car rides, as he never rode in a vehicle before. After driving to his new home back in New York, he was promptly introduced to the family’s two other dogs named Poppy and Grendel.

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Both dogs were as eager to meet him as he was to meet them. Although Jayne was nervous for Cosmo to meet the kids at first, he quickly dispelled her worries due to his gentle nature. Cosmo’s arrival was a huge success.

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As the days went by, Cosmo had a lot to learn and adapt to. After the first night in his new home, he started to learn how to play as a dog.

Cosmo underwent basic dog training, played a lot, got pampered with lots of walks, toys and treats –  and he is now happier than he ever was before, thanks to Hearts United for Animals!

Source: Youtube

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