Teenager Makes Grisly Discovery, Lost Dog Set On Fire And Tossed Away Like Trash

When a family’s dog in the Orange County, Florida area went missing, they did what most people do in this crisis: they looked for the pup and posted missing flyers around town with a reward attached.

The animal was found, but the circumstances and how she was discovered has authorities investigating.

It is Rick Fuson, grandson of the pooch’s owner, Donnie Parmenter who made the grisly discovery. The dog, named Stink, was found dead, on fire, burning in a pile at a business near the family’s residence.

Source: WESH2

“I don’t know why there would be any reason to brutally murder an animal and burn it to death,” Fuson told WESH2 News.

Both men are suspicious about what happened, but they believe Stink was stolen and then set on fire on purpose. Detectives are investigating and when the culprit is caught, the family plans to press charges.

Source: WESH2

In the meantime, the innocent animal’s owner buried him on the family’s property. Her owner shared that the dog used to go to all the local rock and roll concerts with him and that she is greatly missed.

Our deepest condolences to the family and we hope that the heinous person or persons who did this are apprehended.

Source: WESH2

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