Family Discovers A “New Kind Of Bird” Drinking & Cooling Off In Their Bird Bath

An Oklahoma family was surprised to see a “strange bird” hogging their birdbath on an excruciatingly hot day.

As they got closer, they were surprised to see that the giant bird was none other than their goofy German Shepherd who was desperately trying get some respite from the blistering heat!

Source: von.jakoba/Instagram

In this video shared by the family, we see the German Shepherd trying to keep his balance atop the birdbath. The dog carefully positions himself and thirstily drinks the refreshing water from the birdbath.

He falls in love with the cooling sensation provided by the little fountain, and decides to spend some more time in the birdbath!

Source: von.jakoba/Instagram

It’s amusing to see the dog going in clumsy circles as he tries to cool his paws in the invigorating water.

Then he tries to take a nap in the birdbath, and goes to great lengths to snugly fit his giant body in the tiny vessel!

He awkwardly squeezes himself in and then smiles brightly as he relishes in his personal “bathtub”!

Source: von.jakoba/Instagram

From drinking water to taking a full-body dip – this smart German Shepherd really knows how to get the maximum benefit out of the birdbath.

The family says the birdbath has become the dog’s prized possession that’ll help him sail through the hot summer without a care in the world!

Click the video below to watch the German Shepherd’s hilariously unconventional use of the birdbath!

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