German Shepherd Was Afraid Of Water Sprinkler And Toddler Showed Him It’s OK

German Shepherds are smart, loyal, and well known for their duties as police dogs. Sometimes, though, German Shepherds, like all dogs, do things that are completely hysterical.

Take, for example, the case of one doggo who was afraid of a water sprinkler!

Source: YouTube

The dog watches as the toddler shows him that the sprinkler is okay. Yes, you read that right: a tiny tot showed the dog not to be afraid of a water sprinkler. The dog, however, was afraid to get close to the scary object.

Source: YouTube

As the little boy points and shows the dog it’s safe, the brave pooch inches closer, closer, and suddenly, all bets are off! The dog goes bonkers and starts running around and playing with the stream of water.

Source: YouTube

The dog’s owner laughs hysterically throughout while the toddler can’t believe his eyes. There’s no stopping this dynamic doggy, as he runs, attacks the water, and gets a true case of the zoomies.

See for yourself in this funny video below.

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