Grieving Dog Wouldn’t Leave Crate When Dad Died And Began To Starve Himself

By the time a local rescue group heard about Tyson, he had already been alone in an apartment for five days.

His owner suddenly passed away and Tyson had no idea what was going on. He was scared and alone. He crawled into his crate and refused to come out.

The landlord reached out to the rescue group and explained what had happened. Tyson was obviously a loyal and sweet dog.

Watching his owner die was just too much for him to handle. To say he was withdrawn is a vast understatement.

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

When the rescuers arrived, even with food and gentle coercing, Tyson still refused to come out of his crate.

They had no choice but to put a leash on him and force him to leave the apartment. He walked with his new human friends reluctantly. He just wanted his owner to come back!

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Once Tyson was examined by the vet, the doctor determined he was underweight and mentally struggling. It was like his soul broke the moment his owner died.

Tyson needed a very understanding foster mom who would address all of his issues and try to help him enjoy life again.

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Laura stepped up to foster Tyson and their connection was immediate. While it took time and lots of TLC, Tyson began to come around.

He would even sneak in some kisses when Laura was least expecting it. She couldn’t help but smile. Tyson’s kisses were a big deal!

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Laura wanted to make sure Tyson didn’t revert back to hiding in a crate so she bought him an extra-large, super comfy dog bed.

He was unsure at first but once Laura laid on the ground beside him, Tyson tried it out. He had no idea a dog bed could be so dreamy and fell asleep instantly!

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Tyson got another awesome gift! Laura bought him a doggy pool for the backyard. Once he showed interest in playing with Laura’s other dog, she wanted Tyson to have a blast.

He got into the pool and kind of stood there but it was progress and Laura was thrilled!

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

The traumatized dog still showed signs of stress and emotional scarring but Laura knew there was hope for Tyson to be happy again.

The rescue group reached out to his original owner’s relatives but no one was able to take Tyson in. Still, Laura felt in her heart that he would find his happily ever after.

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

A few days later, a woman named Sarah reached out to the rescue group. She said she had been following Tyson’s story on social media and would love to meet him.

She even agreed to adopt him if Tyson accepted Sarah once they met.

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

The pressure was on! Tyson needed a loving home but would his trauma hold him back? Sarah walked into Laura’s house and went over to Tyson.

What follows is absolutely amazing. Laura began to cry when she saw Tyson try to connect with Sarah. It was as if he understood everything.

You have to see what happens next! Scroll on down and click play! You won’t regret it!

Thank you to The Dodo for sharing wonderful stories like this one.

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10 of the Smartest Dogs in the World:


A friend of mine has a beautiful Dalmatian. Friendly, energetic and lovable, she was a perfect family pet… but she wasn’t the smartest pooch on the planet. See, she knew how to go through the pet door out into the garden, but she had no clue how to get back inside. It never occurred to her that the flap could swing both ways. So she would sit outside and howl until my friend would open the door.

Repeated demonstrations of the dual movement of the flap had no effect; it just did not compute. The dog breeds on this list, however, probably don’t have that problem. They’re widely considered to be among the cleverest canines in the world. Take a look and see if you agree.

1. German Shepherd

Wikimedia Commons

No surprise here. German Shepherds are the world’s best police dogs, military dogs, and some have even been movie stars (remember Rin Tin Tin?). Brave, loyal, smart and strong, they’re the total package.

2. Beagle

Public Domain Pictures

Also on the list of the best family-friendly dogs in the world, the Beagle has an incredible nose that lets them sniff out just about anything. Born detectives, they’re not the most trainable pets, but they are smart. And hey, nobody ever accused Snoopy of being dumb.

3. Golden Retriever

Public Domain Pictures

A popular choice for assistance dogs for their easy temperament, natural intelligence and loyalty, Golden Retrievers are natural guides and also serve as great rescue dogs. Active and fun to be around, they’re wonderful family pets.

4. Border Collie

Wikimedia Commons

Border Collies are considered by many to be the geniuses of the dog world. Expert herders, laser-focused (they’re known for their intense stare), and incredibly agile to boot, they’re workaholics and excellent athletes. Just don’t expect to keep one cooped up in an apartment.

5. Poodle


Did you know poodles were originally hunting dogs? They respond very well to training and are quick to learn tricks. So don’t let the fluffy looks and styled mane fool you! These dogs are among the smart canines around. Plus, they’re among the best dogs in the world for those who suffer allergies.

6. Belgian Malinois


A terrific military dog, the Malinois is a natural herder, tracker and worker. Smart, trainable and protective, these dogs require an owner who knows what he or she is doing. In addition to the military, Malinois are often recruited as guard dogs and police dogs as well.

7. Papillon

Wikimedia Commons

Named for their butterfly-shaped ears, papillons are small, cute and pretty smart. They’re considered the smartest of the toy dog breed, with intelligence levels comparable to the über-smart border collie. They’re alert and focused pets, and loyal and lovable: an ideal friend for he family.

8. Doberman


Sadly, Dobermans are known more for their ferocity than their smarts, but these are considered among the most intelligent dogs in the world, as well as one of the most effective guard dogs around. They’re outstanding students known to be affectionate and obedient.

9. Bloodhound

Wikimedia Commons

Don’t let the wrinkles and dopey expression fool you! Bloodhounds have the keenest of noses, and are often used for trailing (so much so that their evidence can be used in court against you!). These are loving but strong-willed dogs, and are often used on search and rescue missions.

10. Australian Cattle Dog

Wikimedia Commons

You need a smart, determined and energetic dog to control unruly cows. And that’s just what the Australian Cattle Dog, or ACD, does. They’re intelligent enough to herd these much larger creatures, and while they need their independence and wide open spaces, they’re eager workers who know how to get the job done.

Did we miss your brainy dog on this list? If so, write in and let us know about it!

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