Pregnant Dog Was About To Be Put On Kill-List, But Woman Stepped In To Stop It

When shelter workers picked up a heavily pregnant dog named Holly from the streets, they were hoping to give her and her puppies a new life.

But unfortunately, the shelter was running over capacity and there was absolutely no room for Holly.

Poor Holly sensed that she was put on the kill list, and she broke down wishing she was never rescued.

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube

However, the shelter workers didn’t give up on Holly. They made several calls and eventually, Dr. Karri from “Vet Ranch” agreed to take the dog in just hours before the scheduled euthanization!

A worker quickly arranged for Holly’s transportation and left her under the care of the kind vet!

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube

A radiograph showed that Holly was carrying 5 babies who were pretty large and almost due.

Considering the size of the puppies, Dr. Karri decided to stay on watch in case the dog needed an emergency C-section.

Holly remained very anxious before her labor, and it was evident that the protective mama simply wanted to preserve her babies and bring them to life.

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube

This video captures Holly’s journey at Vet Ranch, and how she gave birth to her lovely litter.

It’s so fulfilling to watch Holly and her puppies blossoming together and getting ready for their forever homes.

We are so glad this beautiful furry family has been given a fair chance at life. Thank you, Dr. Karri and the shelter workers!

Click the video below to watch how a brave Holly birthed her precious puppies after barely escaping the kill list.

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