Homeless Man Saw A Pup Get Thrown Out Of Car And Went Out Of Way To Save Him

A homeless man named Ron was walking the streets of Salt Lake City when he witnessed something that no one should ever have to see.

As he looked up, he saw a woman throw a little Chihuahua out of her car onto a busy freeway, leaving him there to die as she sped away.

Ron ran toward the puppy without hesitation, not wanting him to get hit by a car. He wrapped him up in a blanket and brought him to safety.

Angel Janes

It was then that a woman named Angel came across Ron and noticed the pup bundled up in his lap. She was amazed at Ron’s kindness toward the dog and began talking to him.

She learned of the cruel act that Ron had witnessed and was blown away by his compassionate heart.

Ron knows how it feels to be without a home, and the last thing he wanted was for this sweet pup to be homeless too.

He asked Angel if she could help find the dog a home and she immediately agreed.

Angel Janes

She posted about the story on Facebook, which her friend Kathleen Dallmann then shared. Soon after, a woman agreed to pick the dog up and foster him. She offered Ron $50 to thank him for keeping the dog safe, but Ron declined.

Ron was overcome with emotion when she took the dog and began to cry. He was just so happy that the dog would not end up homeless like him.

Kathleen Dallmann

The dog eventually found a forever home with a woman named Lisa, who decided to name him Lucky Louie. Louie is doing great in his new home, but Dallmann couldn’t stop thinking about Ron.

Dallman thought of the idea of creating a GoFundMe page to raise money to get Ron back on his feet, which is now up to nearly $7,000!

Just like Lucky Louie, Ron deserves a second chance at life as well!

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UPDATE WITH RON: Met with Ron tonight to give him all the money that was donated. I wish i could have got his original reaction because he was seriously freaking out, crying, and kept saying, "Are you sure this is for me!? From who, from who!? Who would do this for me!!?? For a homeless man!!??" I told him it was from the community, giving back because they were inspired by him and want to make sure he has a happy ending just like that dog that he saved from getting hit by a car and found a good warm home for. He said multiple times people have loaded up all his belongings in a truck and drove off with it. That people usually call him horrible names, so he just couldn't believe it. He looked through the envelope like 10 times because he really couldn't believe it. He said he promises that he will not let us down!! He was like, "This man isn't sleeping on the street tonight!!!" Then the second thing he said he was going to do was to go to get a phone so he can stay connected. I have literally never seen anyone so excited in my life and shed a couple tears myself, seriously a million dollar response. He wanted to donate some of it for food for the dog, I told him we got it under control. All of you are soooo amazing. You gave him the will to fight the good fight. Keeping the go fund me up for a little bit longer in case anyone anyone wants to donate. Not every day you get to hand a homeless man $400 plus dollars, thanks everyone! We have continued the gofundme, if you are interested in helping please click on the link below! 🙂 Angel Janes Dutch Whitlock Lisa Donaldsonhttps://www.gofundme.com/Helpahomelesshero

Posted by Kathleen Dallmann on Monday, April 2, 2018

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