Kids With Black Eyes, 20 Dead Animals & Others Suffering Freed From House Of Pain

A home in Chester County, Pennsylvania is being dubbed a ‘house of horrors’ after a passerby coming down the main road saw one of the children playing outside.

The child had a bruised face. The passerby called the local police to request a welfare check.


When police arrived on the scene, they found two children with blackened, bruised eyes and several dead animals as well as live animals who were not being cared for.


State Police Corporal Robert Kirby spoke to the media, giving the disturbing details of what they found at the home.

“Inside the residence, there was approximately four inches of sewage in the basement, bugs, maggots, flies, fleas, and feces all over the residence,” Kirby said.

Kirby also confirmed that three young kids and a young adult were also living in the despicable conditions, in addition to several dead animals and other animals ‘clinging to life’.


The seasoned police officer says this may just be the worst case of neglect he has ever encountered.

“No child, no adult, no animal should be living in that house. That’s how bad it is,” he said.

When the officers arrived at the home to do the welfare check, two of the children were discovered to have black eyes.

They were also dead rabbits, dead dogs, a deceased chicken, and a pig– all of which were decomposing in plain sight.


The other 25 animals that were still alive were barely holding on, including dogs, cats, a pig, snakes, rats, and a bearded dragon.

The Brandywine SPCA took custody of the animals. Walt Fenstermacher, an SPCA officer, said, “The body conditions of some of the animals were below what they should be. They’re in various stages of health and wellness.”

via Daily Mail © Brandywine Valley SPCA

Police also believe several other animals are buried on the property in this clear case of animal cruelty AND child abuse.

The children have been taken and placed with other family members. The adults responsible will be charged for both animal cruelty and child abuse pending a thorough investigation.

via Daily Mail © Brandywine Valley SPCA

This case is a reminder that if you see something, say something! Spread the word. Children and animals cannot speak for themselves!

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