Sad Dog Spends 700 Lonely Days In Shelter, Begs For Someone To Give Him A Home

Fox Valley Humane Association has shared the sad story of their longest-staying shelter resident named Jax. Jax is an almost-3-year-old Pit Bull mix who has been stuck at the shelter for over 700 days.

The shelter even posted a picture of him pleading for a home before Christmas, but no one wanted him and he only got his heart broken again.

Source: Fox Valley Humane Association/Facebook | Fox Valley Humane Association

Jax has seen his fellow shelter mates get adopted within 2 or 3 weeks. This has caused a huge impact on his emotional well-being.

The gorgeous brown-eyed pooch now feels unloved and unwanted, and he has become a hollow shell of the playful boy that he used to be.

Workers fear that Jax will lose his happy-go-lucky personality if he continues feeling so empty inside.

One of the many reasons why Jax is getting overlooked is the prejudice against his breed. His caretakers assure that he is a very calm and well-behaved boy.

However, Jax needs to be in a home with no cats or small animals. He is very comfortable with kids and other dogs.

Source: Fox Valley Humane Association | WFRV Local 5/YouTube

If you wish to know more about Jax’s adoption details, you can visit his adoption page here.

If you’re interested, you can directly call the Fox Valley Humane Association at 920-733-1717. We can’t let Jax be sad anymore. Pass on his story and help him find a home!

Click the video below to watch the gloomy Jax withering away in the lonely shelter.

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