3-Legged Dog Was Used As Bait Dog & Then Dumped, They Wept When They Found Her

Juniper the Pit Bull was found in California as an abandoned bait dog. Her body was full of attack scars and her teeth were filed down so that she couldn’t defend herself.

The 9-year-old pooch had spent her entire life being tortured by the dog fighting ring owners.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

A local shelter offered to take in Juniper and help her regain her health. When 27-year-old Seattle woman Maggie Hull learned about Juniper, she immediately came forward to adopt her.

She wanted the dog to have the best life. But unfortunately, luck was not on Juniper’s side.

Just 5 months after being adopted, Juniper suffered a spinal stroke and got. . .   >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!

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