Neglected Dog Spends 7 Years Locked In Filthy Barn, Begins To Look Like A Sheep

Lazarus the Great Pyrenees was living a life of horror and neglect. For all the 7 years of his life, he was trapped in a filthy barn. His owner, who was terminally ill, would throw him food and water from afar.

But when local animal activists began complaining about the state of the dog, the owner surrendered the dog to “Big Fluffy Dog Rescue”.

Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/Facebook

When the rescuers arrived at the barn to collect Lazarus, they had to shovel through mounds of feces to get to him.

When they finally got a good look at the dog, they realized that he appeared more like a sheep.

Lazarus had grown several pounds of fur due to severe neglect, and he could barely stand due to the weight of the dirty, matted fur.

The rescuers eventually managed to get Lazarus outside the barn, and the poor dog saw the sky and the grass for the first time!

He was immediately taken to the groomer’s, as the rescuers were sure that the dog would be okay once he gets rid of the excess fur.

Source: Inside Edition/Youtube

The groomer that tended to Lazarus removed over 35 lbs of fur from the dog’s body. She was surprised at how the sweet boy warmed up to her, despite spending his entire life in loneliness.

But even after getting shaved, Lazarus’ health was still dwindling. His joints were weakened and the dog had developed a crooked gait due to carrying the burden of the fur for years.

However, the rescuers refused to give up and vowed to help him recover physically and mentally.

Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/Facebook

After over a year of care, Lazarus was able to overcome his setbacks gloriously and transform into a playful and loving pooch.

He has found a forever home now and his fur has also grown back to a great extent. That was quite an extraordinary journey for him!

Congratulations, Lazarus! We’re so proud of you!

Click the video below to watch Lazarus’ pitiful state just after his first grooming session.

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