Mama Tries To Dig Out Her Babies After A House Collapsed On Top Of Them

Animal Aid received an urgent call about a mother dog crying frantically in a nearby neighborhood. She passed up and down, in obvious distress.

A nearby house had collapsed and her babies were buried beneath the rubble. It was absolutely heartwrenching!

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

As the rescuers arrived, the mama dog wagged her tail. She was so happy because she knew they were there to help her. Dogs are so amazingly smart!

Because of a dog’s keen sense of smell, the rescuers knew they should dig where she led them. Once the heavy rocks were removed by the kind human, the mama dog could get to work.

She began to dig out where she could. The dirt was packed down tight and covered by heavy rocks. The rescuers only prayed that the puppies were still alive.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

Mama put extra pressure on the rescuers to hurry up and help her. They had to lift the heavy rocks or she would never get to her babies!

Mama knew that the puppies had to be recovered quickly. The rescuer, building up a sweat, worked hard picking up rock by rock.

Then mama and the rescuer took turns digging in the dirt. Although exhausting, the process would prove… WORTH IT!

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