Mama Dog Schools Her Troublemaking Pups For Fighting Dirty & Talking Back At Her

Like humans, dogs are also very particular about raising their kids right. They not only care for their puppies with all their heart, but also never hold back when they see their little ones in need of some disciplining.

Source: LUCY & MILO/YouTube

As we see in this video, the 2 puppy siblings are in the middle of a some aggressive rough play. When one of them bites the other, the other hits back with even more ferocious snarls.

Soon, it seems like the puppies are hell bent on keeping up with their wresting duel. But all of this stops when mama dog enters the scene!

Mama dog first tries to gently split the squabbling siblings apart, but the puppies boldly ignore her. WOW!  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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