Man asks his dog, “Are you a dog or a baby?” Dog’s response will make you laugh out loud

Dogs are some of the very best friends that human beings can have and when we find a special pup to call our own, we want to tell the world about the wonderful connection that we share. This story is a prime example of the awesome relationships that develop between dogs and humans. Just check out this hysterical video that was posted by a man who was playing around with his boxer.

Even though the boxer happens to be a very sizable animal, he still likes to perch himself on his owner’s lap like a baby. The owner then decides to ask the dog a very understandable question. Since the boxer wants to act like a baby, the owner asked him if he was a dog or a child. The dog’s answer to this question will have on the ground roaring with laughter.

This dog does NOT appreciate being called a baby and he doesn’t care who knows it. Whenever he hears the word “baby”, he unleashes a piercing howl and while he clearly does not like this much, its all in good fun. After all, what’s a little bit of good natured ribbing between good friends? We’ve all had that moment where we push our friends into an angry place for the sake of our own amusement.

Even the man’s wife decides that she is going to get in on the act. The boxer hugs his father and gives him his most pitiful face. This causes Dad to finally ease up on the old boy and stop the roast session. He even apologizes to his fur baby and lets him know that it was all just a fun joke. Once the doggy receives a kiss from his father, this seems to settle him down a bit.

Now that this story has received millions of views and shares on social media, everyone knows the animal’s story. Seeing a dog this size who is fully convinced that he’s a small baby is an image that is too priceless to put into words. Everyone who has a boxer of their own can certainly relate to this story and those who have gotten a chance to see the video have been thankful to his father for uploading it.

While this overgrown child does not like to be called a baby, it is safe to say that you can call him adorable. Please pass this clip along and share it with all the boxer owners in your life.

Dog Gets Upset When Called Baby

I ain't your baby

Posted by Daily Picks and Flicks on Friday, June 16, 2017

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