Shelter Separates Bonded Pair So They Can Get Adopted, But The Dogs Cry Non-Stop

Merrill the Pit Bull and Taco the Chihuahua were dumped together by their owner in San Francisco, California, for unknown reasons.

“Rocket Dog Rescue” took them in and immediately noticed that the 2 dogs were a bonded pair.

8-year-old Taco was fiercely protective of the 3-year-old Merrill, and it was impossible to keep them apart.

Source: Merrill & Taco/Facebook

Soon, the workers realized that Merrill was very sick with a life-threatening urinary tract infection and she needed immediate surgery.

Poor Taco was left restless and anxious during Merrill’s surgery. After that, he vigorously watched over her for weeks and nursed her back to health.

Source: Merrill & Taco/Facebook

When Merrill got better, the young girl immediately found a forever home. The workers knew the pair had to be separated now, so they forcefully took them away and kept them in different rooms.

The 2 dogs helplessly cried every second they were apart. After several trial separations, it was clear that Taco and Merrill would never leave each other’s side.

The shelter informed the family about Merrill’s intense attachment to Taco. The adoption arrangement fell through and the shelter got more concerned about the fate of the 2 dogs. They eventually put them up for adoption together as a package deal.

Source: Rocket Dog Rescue/Facebook

Finally, the workers’ prayers were answered and a family from San Jose offered to adopt the pair! Merrill and Chihuahua are now happily enjoying their days in their nurturing forever home.

Their unconditional love and unwavering loyalty toward each other is truly exemplary. We wish them many happy years together!

Click the video below to watch Taco and Merrill’s extraordinary and heartwarming journey together!

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