Mini Horses Follow Little Boy Up The Hill To Join Him In Sled Riding

One of the best activities to do during the winter is sled riding. When that first snowfall lands, it’s time to get those sleds out and hit the hills!

Kids and adults alike love taking to the snowy slopes, and it turns out there are animals out there yearning to join in too! 😀

Source: WhiteTailMinis/YouTube

One particular boy has the absolute best spot for sledding at White Tail Farm in Maryland. And Grandma Marlene enjoys watching as her grandson has a grand old time playing on the open acreage with all of their mini horses!

Source: WhiteTailMinis/YouTube

And these mini horses like sledding as much as anyone else! As the little boy walks up the hill, the minis follow along behind.

As her grandson heads down the hill, Grandma laughs as the horses play along! It’s great, and her laughter just makes it that much better!

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