Delightful Brand-New Breed Of Cat Grows Up To Look Like A Cute Overgrown Squirrel

From Scottish Folds to Munchkins, there are certain breeds of cat that grow up to be so cute, they break the Internet.

Bell, a honey-colored cat with the world’s fluffiest tail, is one of those cats!

Source: ricorico_rico / Instagram

She is a Minuet, which is a relatively new kind of feline that was created by crossing Munchkin and Persian breeds together.

Her short legs, round face, and adorable fluffiness are all standard for Minuets, making them absolutely adorable!

Source: ricorico_rico / Instagram

Bell is special, though. Her fluffy tail curls in such a way, it makes her look like an overgrown squirrel.

She and her fluffy sibling have their very own Instagram account with over 145,000 followers! The Internet loves their silly antics.

Source: ricorico_rico / Instagram

Not only does the Instagram account post pictures of the two playing and being cats together, they also like to play dress up with their owner.

Source: ricorico_rico / Instagram

Together, they wear some of the cutest costumes! Spending every day with Bell and her feline sibling would almost be too cute to handle.

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This kitty with a fluffy squirrel's tail is the most adorable thing you'll ever watch today. ❤️

Posted by Happy Cats on Monday, March 6, 2017

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