Golden Waits On Driveway Every Day To Get A Hug From His Beloved Mailman

Moose is a 1.5-year-old Golden Retriever pup who resides in Michigan with his two humans.

There are many things he loves – including food, squeaky toys, and adventures with his family – but on the top of his list of favorite things is their mailman.



Most dogs bark at the mailman when they arrive to deliver mail, but not Moose. Moose loves his mailman so much that he waits on his family’s driveway every single day, just to get a hug from him.

Moose’s owners were so moved by his close bond with their mailman, that they started filming their visits.



In each video, Moose patiently waits on the driveway, whether he’s sitting or lying down. Once the mail truck pulls up, Moose starts to wag his tail.

The mailman then gets out of his truck and walks all the way to Moose, who then jumps up on him and gives him kisses. It’s obvious that the mailman enjoys Moose’s company just as much!



Moose’s owners just recently found out that their mailman’s dog had passed away, which makes his visits with Moose that much more special.

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