Tugboat Captain Spots Dog Floating On A Block Of Ice In Thick Of Night

It was a bitterly cold night on Muskegon Lake in Michigan as a tugboat crossed the waters. As the captain of the boat steered the vessel, he suddenly spotted something moving on a block of ice in the frigid waters.

Shining his spotlight to get a closer look, Captain Matt Babbitt saw a dog all alone floating on a huge block of ice. Babbitt and his crew immediately got to work to try and rescue the pooch.

Source: WOOD TV8/YouTube

“We were gearing up because one way or another we were going to get him,” one of the boat’s crew members said.

The dog was scared, freezing, and had spent hours alone on the frigid waters waiting for someone to find him.

After over 30 minutes of trying, the crew was able to pull the animal to safety. Throughout the ordeal, the poor pup fell into the cold waters at least one time.

Source: Randy Whipple/Facebook

The crew soon learned the animal’s name was Max and he went missing from his home earlier that day. His frantic owner was elated to learn Max was found and he’d soon be back in her arms.

“I love him so much and he’s been there with me through so much,” his grateful owner shared.

Source: Randy Whipple/Facebook

Other than a few issues with his lungs, Max is going to be just fine. Learn more about this amazing rescue in the video below.

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