Opossums Are Orphaned After Losing Mom To Attackers, Cling On To A Clueless Dog

A group of baby opossums didn’t even have their eyes open, when their mother was attacked and killed in a property in Brazil. A pet behaviorist named Stephanie Maldonado took these orphaned babies home, and kept them cozy and fed.

Source: Stephanie Maldonado/Facebook

The orphaned opossums looked very weak, and it didn’t seem like they would survive. That’s when Stephanie’s dog, Pretinha, stepped in. Pretinha realized that these babies were helpless, so she decided to be their mama and caregiver!

Pretinha would lick the opossums and nestle them with love. She’s a little clueless, but doesn’t even mind when the opossums act on their natural instinct and climb on her back, all at once. Soon, the opossums start growing up, and grow even more attached to their surrogate canine mom.

Source: Stephanie Maldonado/Facebook

In this video, we see Pretinha taking the opossums out for a walk. All the opossums are comfortably perched on her back, as they ride along tightly clinging to Pretinha. Pretinha too, prances happily, as she proudly shows off her adopted babies to the world. What a kind and loving dog!

Check out the video below to watch Pretinha take her adorable opossum babies out for a walk!

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