Disabled Boy Lived In Fear Til He Met This Amputee Rescue Dog. So Heartwarming!

Haatchi was less than a year old when he was deliberately tied to a railroad line in North London and hit by a train. The Anatolian Shepherd’s tail was severed and his rear leg severely damaged. Haatchi managed to stagger away and hid for around 5 days before he was rescued.

Unfortunately, Haatchi’s leg and tail had to be amputated, due to infection, but Haatchi overcame the unimaginable and frightening act of cruelty to become the best friend and inspiration to a young boy who needed him most.

Owen has a very rare muscle condition, making life very painful and difficult for the 7-year-old. Before Owen met Haatchi, he had agoraphobia and socially withdrawn. Haatchi’s effect on Owen was immediate. People stopped asking what was “wrong” with Owen and started focusing on his sweet three-legged pet.

Today the pair are inseparable. Owen says he isn’t afraid anymore and you can see how much the duo love each other.

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