Dog Hailed A Hero For Saving Flock Of Sheep From Australian Bushfires

Ravaged by the worst bushfires ever to affect Australia, 24 people have been accused of deliberately starting the fires.

Deaths of millions of animals have dominated international headlines, but one dog has emerged a hero.

A six-year-old working dog named Patsy helped save the lives of a flock of sheep from perishing in the fires.

Source: @patsythecorryongwonderdog/Instagram

On her newly created Instagram account, Patsy the Wonderdog, a post reads, “Patsy had a good night’s rest after another day out on the farm, and has woken up today to a social media avalanche!!!”

Cath Hill, brother to Patsy’s owner, says the dog and her owner rounded up a herd of sheep and led them to a safe section of a farm while their farmer battled the blaze.

Source: @patsythecorryongwonderdog/Instagram

“Cool as a cucumber, Patsy waited with (her guardian) until the fire got close enough to fight with a tractor and water pump,” Hill shared on Instagram.

The fire is expected to burn for weeks. We extend our praise for those helping to fight the blaze and share in your sorrow on the loss of so many.

Video of the fires can be seen in the video below.

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