Kind People Follow Stick Figure Of A Dog Until She Collapses In Street

A homeless pup was found wandering the streets of Dumaguete, Philippines, as skinny as can be with very little fur left.

But some good Samaritans would help rescue her to get the help she so desperately needed. She was scared at first but quickly seemed to realize this was for the best.

Back at the animal hospital, Peanut would test negative for distemper! She still had a very weak immune system, but it wouldn’t be long until she found a foster home.

Here she would show off her appetite which was a very encouraging sign!

It would be a long journey and recovery process, but Peanut started showing improvement little by little. Now with love and support and a nice bed to lie on, it was easier than ever to get better!

In just a week she put on a healthy amount of weight, and in three weeks got most of her fur back.

But two months later, she doesn’t even look the same. See Peanut today! 🙂

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