Confused Puppy Pelted By Tiny Bullets & Tied Up With Wire, Felt It’s All His Fault

A young timid puppy was left all alone, tied to a tree. A rescuer, named Dev Naz, rushed out to the puppy as soon as someone called him.

He was horrified to see this little guy in obvious distress. Someone had left him there and tied him to the tree using wire.

How anyone could be this cruel and careless is beyond our scope of understanding.

Source: dev naz Animal Dog Rescue/Youtube

When Dev untied the puppy, he suspected that he may be paralyzed. He hadn’t moved an inch! Dev tries to move his legs but something is certainly wrong.

Unsure if the puppy is suffering from distemper, which is common and contagious, Dev gloves up and carefully lifts the puppy up.

Source: dev naz Animal Dog Rescue/Youtube

Once the puppy is placed on the back of a truck, he’s examined a bit more. His legs seem to have no sensation in them whatsoever. What happened to this poor baby?

Dev speculates at first. He says it could be that the puppy was hit hard in the back. But when he sits the puppy up a bit, he finally notices the unthinkable.

He has little wounds throughout his body. A monster shot him with a pellet gun!

Source: dev naz Animal Dog Rescue/Youtube

Dev Naz comes up with a plan. He brings the puppy back to his house. The next step will be to notify the vet that this little one needs surgery.

Due to where they’re located in the world, and serious lack of funds, this will not be easy. Surgery is expensive! Thankfully, Dev is trained to do many things himself.

He is able to treat the puppy for pain and infection. Through donations, Dev is hoping to schedule the puppy’s surgery to remove all the pellets ASAP.

Source: dev naz Animal Dog Rescue/Youtube

The puppy goes to the vet the following day. The vet also determines that he has no feeling in his hind legs. He must have scans to determine a course of action.

Even though the puppy is in a strange place, surrounded by people, he’s such a good boy! The scans show pellets throughout his little body.

Source: dev naz Animal Dog Rescue/Youtube

The vet and Dev determine that the puppy will need surgery where they can go in and carefully remove the pellets. They hope to do so without causing further damage to the nerves.

If the surgery is a success, the little pup may be able to walk again but nothing is for sure.

Source: dev naz Animal Dog Rescue/Youtube

Can we all come together and send our prayers to Dev, the vet, and his team, and to the puppy, of course?

We are so happy this little guy was found in time and did not perish in the heat or due to starvation. There is hope now that he will live a good life. Even if he is paralyzed.

The puppy’s rescue is posted below.

Watch the follow-up video at the vet below:

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