Pet Sitter Caught Hurting Pups In Her Care And Busted On Surveillance Video

When Cindy Gruss went on vacation, she felt confident leaving her dogs behind in the care of a Portland, Connecticut pet sitter.

However, her trip away turned into a nightmare when she caught the sitter dragging and pulling her dogs on home video cameras.

“I saw the video of Maggie first and I just shook in my skin. I started crying,” Gruss told Eyewitness News 3.

Source: WFSB

Gruss has owned Maggie for three years and has been fostering two other dogs, named Chief and Eagle, for the past seven months.

Once the dog mom saw the devastating video, she decided to cut her trip short. She felt so helpless watching them from far away and not being able to do anything.

Apparently, the way they were treated by the dog sitter affected the poor pups. One of the dogs will not come as she used to and is more maternal and protective of the others now.

Source: WFSB

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